Sometimes words are just not enough

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VAYA is a mobile app that allows users communicate using emotions. Emotions are represented in form of color squares. There are 6 basic (Calm, Surprise, Fun, Joy, Anger, Fear), 10 additional and infinite quantity of user-generated extra emotions.

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You can put an emotion in your status, send it to your friend, or send it to a global Mood Map to affect your country’s current mood. Your friends can send emotions in reply to your feelings to influence your mood.

You can also attach emotion flyer to a Facebook or Twitter post. It is useful to express your feelings about a movie you’ve seen or music album you’ve heard

Section 5

Mood Map

Mood Map shows the emotional state of the world. Globe is shown in the form of a cube on each face of which respective countries are marked. Each country is painted in the color of the prevailing emotion. You can view the percentage of each country’s emotions.

Another memorable VAYA function is Emotional Statistics. It shows change of your emotional state over time in form of graph. It allows you track your emotional changes and manage your mood swings.

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